Heavy Duty Die Punching Machine

Heavy Duty Die Punching Machine

Electro Magnetic clutch-brake system for instant stop. Dwell Timing Device for easy operation, Operator hand-safety device for
safe operation. Sheet counter and piped oiling system.

Machine is fitted with best quality bearings and Bronze metal bushed.
Automatic time delay from 0 to 30 sec. and digital electronic sheet counter.

Lubrication is provided to every revolving part.
From 25″x 37″ size to above all the sizes, we provide Double Set of helical gears inside the body.

Size Inside Chase
20”x26” 22”x32” 25”x37” 32”x42” 36”x50”
Plant Size
23”x29” 25”x35” 28”x45” 30”x46” 40”x64”
Speed App. Phr.
1800 1800 1800 1500 1200
Area Req.
62”x53” 68”x56” 72”x63” 74”x72” 30”x62”
Power (H.P.)
3.0H.P 3.0H.P 5.0H.P 7.5H.P 10H.P

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