High-Speed Rotary Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine

High-Speed Rotary Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine
The perfectly built & designed to increase production and fine cutting of corrugated board without damaging the flutes of the board as well as plain paper. As a perfect alternative to Hand Operated Board Cutting Machine. It is possible to use the machine as an independent unit or it can also be attached to the Corrugating Machine. Pl.V. Gear Box is provided to ensure accurate cutting of the sheet as per the required length and easy to adjust and operate Delivery Conveyor Stand is provided to carry the sheet,
Automatic Grade
52" 62" 72"
Power (H.P.)
2 HP . 2 HP . 3 HP
Cutting Length (Min/Max)
18"/100" 18"/100" 18"/100"
Corrosion resistance

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