Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine (Vertical Type)

Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine (Vertical Type)

SUNLIGHT Offers another Paper Corrugating making machine for productivity as well as efficiency. The Flute Rolls are perfectly
finished thereby giving an even impression of the board. Manual Operated Twin Shaft Reel Stand with two unwinding shafts is
provided with the machine. The machine is sturdy in construction, simple to operate and easy to handle. Electric Heaters and
provided for lamination of board.

Flute Rolls
Flute Rolls can be supplied with all the models of corrugation machine various flute options ie A, B, C, E, F & N Flutes.
Automatic Grade
42” 45” 52” 62”
Output Paper Width
70 ft 70 ft 70 ft 70 ft
Power (H.P.)
3H.P 3H.P 5H.P 7.5H.P
Heating Load
18K.W. 18K.W. 21K.W. 33K.W.
Floor Space
7'x15' 8'x15' 9'x15' 10'x15'

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